Hi! Welcome to my profile page. This page is all about different topics on keeping your computers data safe and secure. Today more than ever there are a number of security threats to your computer and keeping that data protected should be priority number one. Enjoy the Page!
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Here’s a great article explaining the five steps to secure your #SMB.

Here’s a great article explaining the benefits of #SEDs for a business.

Learn how our future will be #encrypted in the great blog post.

Your phone probably has a tiny camera in it that you use to take fun photos of your kids, dogs, vacation, but someone else could be accessing it and you may not even know.

The best way to explain how to choose a good password is to explain how they’re broken.

Security and privacy are important concerns for anyone, especially in the wake of revelations about NSA intelligence activities and massive data breaches like the one at Target. A new study from Fortinet, however, indicates that security and privacy behavior differs significantly by generation.

When it comes to building a breach response team, too many healthcare organizations use a “volunteer firefighter model,” taking inadequate steps to prepare for incidents, says security expert Brian Evans.

Pre-boot Network Authentication (PBNA). It’s a technology we’ve been talking about for the better part of a couple of years now, but now it’s really starting to take off.

WinMagic looks like it’s set to have a great 2014!

TPMs have been shipping for nearly 8 years now.